Who We Are


The Brisbane Pickleball Club was incorporated in August 2018. It operates as a volunteer-led, not-for-profit entity. We are registered under the Office of fair Trading and listed as an affiliated club of the Pickleball Association of Queensland (PAQ) who is a founding State Member of Pickleball Australia Association (PAA).


Brisbane Pickleball Club will operate in greater Brisbane introducing new players to the activity and the sport; the recognition across Australia of Pickleball as a healthy activity for all and a sport for the driven. Social players and sports players are crucial to the life of the club and are complementary.


  • continue introducing new players to the activity and the sport
  • host social play sessions across greater Brisbane.
  • provide opportunity for coaching, skills development and tournaments
  • find and resource new venues and sessions
  • support the growth and development of Pickleball in Queensland


A copy of the Brisbane Pickleball Club Constitution can be found HERE & the Certificate of Incorporation can be found HERE


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