Committee Charter



The role of the Committee

The committee of management (The Committee) is elected in accordance with the constitution to run the Brisbane Pickleball Club (The Club) on behalf of its members. The Committee is required to strategically plan and implement measures to ensure sustainability of the club.

The Committee's responsibilities

The committee is required to comply with all relevant legislation including, but not limited to;

  • Incorporated association legislation
  • Member protection, welfare, and safety legislation
  • Fund-raising legislation

Ensure the club is run and managed in accordance with the constitution, purpose, policies, and procedures. 

Oversee and direct the financial affairs of the club to ensure solvency.

Ensure sustainability of the club.

Create and implement risk management strategies associated with the club and all club related activities.

Plan, define and deliver the club’s objective and strategic future plans, alongside the objectives of the State body - Pickleball Association of Queensland Inc. (“PAQ”) and the national body - Pickleball Association Australia Ltd (“PAA”)

Create and maintain a successful and inviting club culture.

Ensure the sporting, competitive, and social needs and expectations of members are met.

Recognising, recruiting, rewarding, and maintaining appropriate club volunteers and session hosts. 

Create and implement an effective succession plan for all roles within the club. 

Regularly communicate with all members across all platforms and provide pertinent information effectively. 

Implement and maintain an effective club information management procedure to allow transparency and effective handover from one year to the next. 

A copy of the committee charter with further information can be accessed HERE

Committee Composition

The committee will be comprised of three (3) Executive positions; the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, and general committee positions as required to efficiently run the club. 

Executive positions

The President is ultimately responsible for ensuring the committee sets and meets its goals and objectives and are administered according to the club’s constitution.

The Secretary is ultimately responsible for collecting, maintaining, reviewing, and disseminating the club’s information and knowledge. The Secretary is the club’s nominated representative, or “Public Officer” engaged to ensure compliance with the Incorporated Associations Act 1981. 

The Treasurer is ultimately responsible for ensuring the committee has the correct financial information to effectively manage the club’s financial affairs. They must ensure the accurate recording and reporting of the club’s financial standings for consideration in committee and general meetings. They must also ensure the club is compliant with all financial reporting obligations in accordance with the Act. 

General Committee

The roles of general committee members are dependent upon the specific members skills and prioritised needs of the club.

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